The marvel of the modern age....the Soul Cat 6

****The Picture is of another guitar but very close to actual***

*********I will take orders for this guitar. They are running about 4 weeks now. Just go through the checkout procedure and I will start on your own personal Snakeskin 6....**********


-Mini Humbucker pickup

-Truss Rod compound radius neck

-Star neck inlay

-Adjustable gold bridge

-Gold resin tuners

-.009 Ernie Ball Super Slinky stringsAnd much more

Red Snakeskin 6 with mini Humbucker.

  • A rocking guitar that looks like nothing you've ever seen. This guitar will make Bo Diddley jealous. Plays fast and come with .09ns for bending. Play the blues or R&R, this Soul Cat SCREAMS.
    Comes with....

    - Star Inlaid neck with truss rod.
    -Rosewood Fretboard
    -Single coil Pickup (Add pickup of your choice at your cost)
    -Sealed tuners (Add tuners of your choice at your cost)
    -Exotic wood pickup and truss rod cover
    -Fully adjustable bridge
    -Faux hand tooled leather back
    -Full of Mojo.......