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Return Policy

Soul Cat will Accept Returns if we are notified in 10 days of purchase

and we receive the instrument in less than 20 days

There is a 20% re-stock charge.

***New, Two Year Warranty Terms***

-If, for some reason, anything ever happens to your instrument, I offer a limited two Year guarantee, which covers defects in workmanship. I've had to lessen the time frame of the warranty as I will be retiring in the near future, and though I've had very few warranty repairs, I do not want to give any one the idea that their instrument will be covered in perpetuity.  Though

Those instrument purchased up to this point will be grandfathered and the previous warranty will be honored. 

The terms of Warranty:

*I cannot control how your guitar is stored, used, heated or cooled, Or who works on the instrument before me, how it is taken to different parts of the world with different humidity’s, and temperature and etc..etc.. and for this reason, I can’t be responsible for the necks.

That is why I use Maple, it’s a fairly stable wood and I haven’t had any trouble with warpage, and with only 4 strings, the tension usually isn’t great enough to cause warping, but for the reasons I’ve stated, I just can’t guarantee it. This also covers the frets.

Having said that, if you ever have trouble with a neck, please get a hold of me and we’ll work something out.

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