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 Hey Dean! I am thrilled with this set up! The Romeo y Julieta sounds warm and clean by itself, and with the amp gives me everything I wanted to hear from them. Thank you so much for giving your time and craftsmanship to these instruments. I couldn't be happier. All the best,


Just wanted to let you know that my brother LOVES his cigar box guitar.  He loves the space needle logo too and the tie back to seattle where he first saw them.
Thanks for helping me provide such a special gift!


I snuck home for lunch, and it was sitting on my porch. I was able to take some time and get a good session in before heading back to work.

Thanks for such an awesome guitar. I can hardly wait to put some real time into it!



​Dean -
Got my Brick 5+ Amp today. It's beautiful and sounds great!
Thanks for your great craftsmanship and service. I've already promoted you on my Facebook page and will continue to do so. Jim (again)

Hi Dean - My wife bought me one of your beautiful American cigar box ukuleles while she was in Seattle last October, and it made this Christmas one of the happiest of my life.
[and again, thanks for your beautiful craftsmanship]. Jim T

The guitar and case arrived and was a stunning success!!  You do amazing work!
Everyone at the party was impressed - I will send you a photo for your collection.
Thanks so much for helping us give him the perfect birthday gift.



Hey Dean your guitars are WAY cool!better than a video or ebay. Whats your website??? I can funnel lots of folks to your site the more guitars you sell the bigger and better off we all are. High tide raises all ships, Confucius said guy who yells at mountain top; everyone hears! so, help me spread the word about your great guitars, send us links to your wonderful guitars and websiteand PSyour boxes look so rad and cool!!! that really set you apart and are awesome to boot.
Keep in touch,

John -
Eric received his guitar and loves it. Thank you again for providing my son with an extra special birthday gift. Your work is awesome and I especially love the video you sent of the guitar. Again, thank you!
Outstanding quality!!...plays like a dream...the shipment A++++
stigohara  EBay
Might just be the coolest uke ever...very nice shipment A++++
stigohara  EBay
(He bought 2 he liked the first one so well)
Love the uke. Plays great and is truly a four stringed work of folk art. 
pdxpeccia  EBay
​Dear Dean,
    The purchase of this piece is still fresh with me, and therefore I am still in the infatuation stage with this instrument, but I definitely feel it becoming something more. Its beautiful, sounds great, and is pretty gosh darn sturdy to boot.
     As soon as I got back to my hotel and picked it up and started jamming it just felt so right with me. I want to share my excitement and contentment with your instruments with just about everyone I can, have you thought about creating a facebook page? I would be more than willing to help with this venture if necessary, I just want to get word to other people, like myself, who would really appreciate these works of art!
Respectfully and Contentedly,

Got the uke and it's certainly cool.  Thanks.          
(P  EBay)
Hi Dean,  I love the guitar and play it daily.  I don't think it will be long before a buy another one from you. The tuning makes sense. I anxious to improve my 4 string skills. I look forward to the tutorials on your site. I have passed your # to several people. I hope that brings you a little business.What is the cost for a 6 string and what time frame does it take you to make them? Have a great day. It was a pleasure to have met  you. Have an awesome week,
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