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The Soul Cat 3 Watt Amp i

s an excellent piece of engineering and a gorgeous work of art. With 3 watts of power, it features three (3) levels of overdrive: A Clean Channel, a Vintage Tube Channel, and Rock God Distortion Channel.   Or, as I like to joke, Clean, Dirty, and Filthy.

It also has a Tone Expander Circuit which takes the standard tone control to the next level. It not only provides incredible EQ control but a flat boost to give your amp tones that will rival many full sized amps.


This amp includes:



- 3 OVERDRIVES  (Clean, Dirty, and Filthy)

-TONE EXPANDER/ Gain and Tone mixed






On the top of this amp you have 3 knobs, the first knob (to the outside will always be the Channel Selector knob, which is turns on the amp and selects the overdrive you desire. The next knob is the volume and the last knob is the tone. Because the amp is handmade, the volume and tone sometimes get interchanged. The 1/4" jack (Where you plug in your guitar or device) and the on/off LED are also on top. These amps are also excellent at amplifying your IPod, Phone, or computer, etc. They are very versatile amps.

****This amp comes with a 1 year warrenty******

The BLACK Soul Cat 3-watt Amp

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